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Prayer Declaration

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Prayer Declaration

Father, we come to You pleading the precious blood of Jesus and thanking You for His blood, which is our hedge of divine protection. LORD You have locked down our enemies and destroyed the principalities and powers that have attempted to steal our inheritance. We ask You to station Your host of angels around each of us and our families. We take authority over death, destruction, and despair. Father God, we thank You that we have faith and do not doubt. Obstacles of sicknesses, diseases, pains, viruses, and infirmities are commanded to be removed and cast into the sea, in Jesus Name. We take authority over the spirit of divination, every evil influence, demonic assignments, and occult strongholds that attempt to steal our life and destiny . All soul tie s to people, activities, and addictions that cause damage to our mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as the health of those we now pray for, are being destroyed, in the name of Jesus. Our families are blessed! Because we are the seed of Abraham, by faith we receive the blessing of Abraham and by faith we bless the families upon the earth. Father, bless every nation as Your glory fills the earth.

We thank You that this is the acceptable year of the Lord.  The day of salvation! The free favor of God is profusely abounding in every area of our lives. This is the year of Jubilee and we are freed from every assignment of the enemy. All of our debt has been satisfied by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We stand upon the authority of the Word and take authority over all things that are contrary to your will. Whatever is bound in heaven is bound on earth , and whatever is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth. We bind every assignment of Satan and loose Your Kingdom provisions.

Holy Spirit, we thank You for the winds of supernatural release that You are bringing in this day. We hear the sound of Release. Chains and shackles are being brokenI We are released from the sins of our past. We are forgiven and in turn forgive those who have wronged us. We Dismiss and depart from any and everything that is attempting to tie us down, or hold us back from our appointed destiny. The resurrection, miracle working power of God is manifesting in us NOW . We are being quickened in our mortal bodies. Every image of defeat is being rooted out of us. All soul ti es to people, activities, and addictions that cause damage to us, our mental and physical health are being destroyed, in Jesus Name.

Father, Your kingdom authority is growing on the earth. We thank You for increase in our lives. We are abounding in Your grace as You enlarge our territory, and we thank You for this. Continue to empower us to develop Your kingdom mindset. As Jesus was one Seed planted for us in death, we thank You for the many son s that have come forth through His resurrection.  You have multiplied the seed sown. We walk in dominion as we see Your increase taking dominion in every arena of our lives. We thank You for increasing us as Your righteous seed upon the earth. You are increasing us and causing us to be a Godly influence throughout the earth. Enlarge our territory today, that we might be an influence in our communities.

Father, we thank You that You have established covenant with us. This is the day that the plowman is over taking the reaper. There is abundance in our lives; You have blessed the works of our hands. You make us plenteous in goods, fruitful in our bodies, and You have opened Your good treasure unto us. We are abounding and overflowing in all things that pertain to Godliness and li fe. You are doing exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask or think.

In Jesus name, we declare Your Word… Amen!



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Isaiah 58:8-11

Family (inheritance)

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1 Kings 21:1-15
Ezekiel 36:20-31
Isaiah 59:21
Psalm 112:1-10

Favor (Acceptance/Satisfy)

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2 Corinthians 9:8
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Isaiah 61:1-11
Psalm 102:13

Release (Dismiss/Depart)

Ezekiel 46:16-18
Matthew 18:18

Increase (Enlarge)

Ezekiel 36:26-30
1 Chronicles 4:10

Overflow (Abundance)

Luke 6:38
1 Chronicles 4:10
Ephesians 3:15-21