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ShelbyNext | MinistryOne:

Go to Google Play or Apple Store and download the ShelbyNext | MinistryOne app on your phone. There are similar apps, so make sure you download the appropriate application.

You can put church engagement at your members’ fingertips with the integrated MinistryOne app, which is included with all Riverside Faith Temple Ministries church management plans. We can encourage member’s throughout the week with giving, multimedia, events, prayer requests, and so much more.


Apple Store

Google Play

Empower church leaders:
Church Leader Mobile App:
  1. View lists of all members and groups, complete with thumbnails of profile pictures, if applicable.
  2. Use as a church directory, if enabled. (Tribe Leaders only.)
  3. View all information for a person, including personal, contact, dates, custom fields, and family.
  4. View lists of completed and outstanding interactions.
  5. Edit, assign, and record new interactions.
  6. Send mass emails, SMS, and voice messages, if applicable.
Engage in ministry with people where they are:
  1. Give. Increase church engagement with the MinistryOne app.
  2. Sermons, live streaming, videos, and more, so people can watch on the go
  3. Event registration, payment, and important details about upcoming church events
  4. Push notifications that can be sent right away or scheduled for later. But, this is based upon user’s email account if available in the ShelbyNext | Membership app.
  5. Opportunities for class sign-ups, prayer requests, and group connection throughout the week
  6. Simple giving options through the app, such as specific funds, recurring gifts, and giving statements
  7. Check your children into church through the app, if applicable.
YouTube Sermons:

Effortlessly provide  your sermons, videos and other media in one place, making your content easy to access for your whole church members and your community. Seamlessly integrate your sermons through YouTube. It will also be available through our online church website.

Online Giving:

With MinistryOne online giving has never been easier or more powerful. (We currently have other means to accomplish our online giving through ShelbyNext | Giving or ShelbyNext | Membership.) As church members we can setup both one-time and recurring giving directly from this application and the ability to use forms.


Encourage participation through MinistryOne as the one place that allows your church members to quickly and easily connect, register and pay for events. Seamlessly integrate directly to your ChMS to manage events and payments more effectively.

Prayer Request:

Make prayer requests a more active part of your ministry, and encourage members to make requests anytime from anywhere. Church leader can assign appropriate resources, capture and act on prayer requests faster than ever with MinistryOne.


We can use push notifications and in-app messaging to notify church members as to what’s going on as we do with church bulletin each Sunday. Don’t let our communications get lost through social media or ignored in emails. This feature allows us to alerts instantly or schedule messages in advance. We can share links to events or registration forms, send an encouraging prayer update, share the latest news, or make sure our church community gets any urgent church information quickly.

ShelbyNext | MinistryOne
ShelbyNext | MinistryOne
Online Sermons