RFT School of Ministry


    The Lord requires his children to be well trained, compassionate and fully empowered in His Spirit and the knowledge of His Word. We hope you will join us each week as we grow through all stages of ministry to a "complete man" in Christ. God's Word says we are all priests in His kingdom, bearing a responsibility for good works and soul winning. Our classes will prepare you for a successful, Spirit-filled life and help you to discover just what God has called you do.

    What is an Evangelist who has no message; or a Pastor with no love? How effective is an Apostle without vision or a Prophet whose scriptural foundation is flawed? Of what use is a Teacher who has not been taught? GOD's VISION for Riverside Faith Temple is that of a School of Ministry to prepare all the five-fold sons and daughters before He sends them out into the highways and byways. Line upon line and precept upon precept, we are striving to build a glorious foundation for him to build upon.

    Your Riverside Faith Temple
    Evangelist Rebecca Stone and Bro. David Stone
    School of Ministry Leadership